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We reference exclusive OEM data to execute electrical and mechanical diagnostics with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency providing you with top quality Auto Repair.

Harley Davidson Service


We Specialize In Harley Davidson Motorcycle Services and Repairs! Vintage and Late Model Bikes Serviced Here! 

Top Quality Service


We're committed to providing a stress-free Auto Repair experience to both new and returning customers. We use the best parts available and provide the highest quality service.

What We Do



We perform comprehensive Brake Services. Wether you need a routine Brake Pad replacement, custom brake lines and fittings fabricated, or electronic brake components serviced (ABS, Traction Control) Motor Man has got you covered. Stop in for your next Brake Service... If you can!

Suspension Repair

The number one thing you can do to improve the stability and performance of your vehicle is to maintain your suspension components. Shocks, Struts, and all the little parts that hold it all together, like ball joints, tie rods, and control arms. Chances are, if your car squeaks, shakes or bounces down the road, it can be fixed with an inexpensive suspension repair. We install performance upgrade components as well for our racing-oriented customers!

Heating and Air Conditioning

Be cool, man. Get your AC Fixed! From basic AC maintenance (dryers, accumulators, orifice tubes, and expansion valve replacements) To system leak-down repairs, (Evacuate and Recharge) To catastrophic failure total system replacements (Compressors, Evaporators, Condensers) We can help you stay Icy cool. We can even fix all the electronic parts like control panels, blend doors, and blower motors.

Engine Repair

Your car feel like a lead sled? Maybe it needs a tune up! We can get your motor purring like a kitten again! Or screaming like a banshee! Whatever you like! We offer comprehensive engine performance diagnostics, repairs, and replacements on all kinds of engines. Everything from two stroke dirt bikes, to your classic American OHV V8s, HD V-Twin, Jap and Euro OHC, and todays elaborate DOHC VVT VVL Engines. Maintenance, Diagnostics, and Repairs done right. We are passionate about engines, so you don't have to be.

Transmission Replacement

All show, no go? We can replace your transmission or have it rebuilt. Warranties available. We offer comprehensive drivetrain repairs as well, driveshafts, cv axles, differential services and repairs available.

Call Now! 850 270 8763

If you have questions about issues you may be having with your vehicle, please call! I, Motor Man, will pick up the phone and will do my best to help you find the most efficient solution to get you back on the road. Also, make sure to click the links below to follow us on FB, Insta, Yelp, and Youtube. Love y'all, God bless America

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Motor Man LLC

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